Sunday, October 01, 2006

Your Special Gift

Jaleo is one of my favorite restaurants. I enjoy the food. I like that servings are small so that I can try several dishes at one meal and I like that I can order dishes as I go to suit my appetite. So I was excited to receive an e-mail from Jaleo a few weeks ago telling me that if I were to come in the restaurant would give me a "special gift" for my birthday. I must have given them my e-mail address and birthday on an earlier visit.

The Sassy Girlfriend and I went out to dinner at Jaleo the week after my birthday. I handed the waiter a printout of the e-mail about the special gift when we placed our order. He said he would talk to the manager and be right back. As we waited, The Sassy Girlfriend and I speculated as to what the free gift would be. Maybe it would a pitcher of Sangria, or a free dessert? Maybe it was flan?

The waiter returned with a clay jug of extra virgin olive oil.