Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Monday, June 06, 2005

I Can Feel His Beady Little Eyes Staring At Me

The first night The Boy's Mother and I brought him home from the hospital we put him to sleep in a co-sleeper, a kind of bassinet open on one side that was cinched-up to the side of the bed on her side. The Boy was still awake when we put him down to sleep, but he was wrapped tightly in a blanket and was content. We shut-off the light and climbed into bed. Exhausted, I rolled over to go to sleep.

After a couple minutes, The Boy's Mother said, "I can feel his beady little eyes staring at me."

I chuckled. She persisted: "Really. Turn the light on. He's just staring at me."

Being the kind of husband who indulged his wife, I did turn the light on.

Sure enough, the boy was calmly lying there, eyes wide open, staring at his mother.